The NCBA was formed in the 1970s by beekeepers in the Gold Country who wished to assist and educate local beekeepers and the public about honey bees and beekeeping.

As beekeeping has become more popular, our Association has grown greatly. We are a strictly not-for-profit educational association, open to the public, and maintain a close relationship the Nevada Country Agricultural Commisioner.

The NCBA meets on the first Monday of the month at 7 PM at the Grass Valley Veterans Hall at 255 South Auburn Street. Meetings normally consist of a program (link) and brief business meeting, with a Q and A period, raffle of beekeeping-related items, and a break to socialize. August and December meetings are generally socials. Our membership consists of mainly recreational beekeepers, along with some “sideliners” (those who have a day job, but earn some income from the sale of honey or pollination), and a few commercial beekeepers. Members of our club present a class for beginning beekeepers at least once a year in the spring.



Membership is very affordable and includes the Club monthly newsletter. For a small one-time fee you can have access to our extensive library of bee reference books and videos.


The NCBA operates a swarm hotline to refer members of the public to beekeepers willing to pick up swarms. We also have members who are willing to do structural removals for a fee.

Beekeepers come from all walks of life, and are an open and friendly group who welcome anyone interested in honey bees or beekeeping. Non-members are welcome to attend meetings to learn more about this fascinating hobby.