The Nevada County Beekeepers Association is a diverse group of professionals and hobbyist, men and women, young and old, with a keen interest in promoting the well being of honey bees and their habitat while enjoying their amazing benefits. The NCBA strives to promote education on beekeeping and agriculture by providing the latest news and techniques in these fields. 

The club members meet once a month on the first Monday at 7pm and visitors are always welcome. All meetings are held in the Veterans Memorial Building at 255 South Auburn Street, Grass Valley, CA. Entrance is off the back parking lot, in Grass Valley at 7pm.  The August meeting is always moved to the County Fair Grounds with a fair booth clean up following by a barbeque social. 

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Join our lively question and answer session starting promptly at 7pm followed by refreshments, brief business discussion, raffle and a great program.

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President's Message - November

As we wind up our last few days of October and head into winter, I cannot help but compare year over year. What a stark contrast I have, when comparing 2020 to 2021. First of all, the weather. I do not think we got a drop of rain in October last year. It was a hot fall. I remember going into November much more worried about the health of the bees also. This October has been just amazing. I have seen some really nice buildup in the bees with some natural pollen, and also I see them responding well to pollen patties. And now, we are finally getting some much needed moisture. At the moment I am writing this, my weather station has registered 8.4" of rain on just today alone. Below the precipitation readings on the console, the readout actually shows "It's raining cats and dogs". The folks at Davis Instruments have a personality.

Make sure that your bee hive equipment is water tight with a good top, this will keep the bees warm, dry and happy. Also make sure there is a little fall one direction or the other to allow any water that enters the entrance to drip back out and not pond up inside on the bottom board. The bees are going to be extremely active at their first opportunity with a break in the weather, so be ready to standby and watch the frenzy. I love the flight after a day or two of rain.

Spencer Wingfield

Bee Bits - November

Autumn has arrived with rain, rain, rain!  As I type these words on October 22nd, a cool “atmospheric river” is hitting Nevada County, with a really good drenching expected over a few days.  Most of our precipitation in the foothills occurs from a few sporadic atmospheric river events each year, during which rain or snow fall heavily.  So drought or wetness are largely luck of the draw.  We’ve been unlucky for several years.
The Pacific Ocean is going into a cool La Niña condition.  You can watch a nice video on La Niña at

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Happy beekeeping!

Randy Oliver
Grass Valley, CA